Packed Blueberries & Strawberries

Packed Blueberries & Strawberries

Mukhtiar & Sons Packers Ltd.

Mukhtiar and Sons Packers Ltd. is located in Abbotsford and is where we process all of the fruit that is produced by Mukhtiar Growers Ltd. By packing our own fruit only, we can extensively monitor the quality of fruit that we pack.

All of our fields are less than 15 minutes away from the plant which ensures that the quality of the fruit does not diminish. Once fruit is loaded onto a truck in the fields, it is brought into the packing facility where it is scaled, unloaded, and stored within an hour of when it was harvested.

At Mukhtiar & Sons Packers Ltd., we ensure that our plant is held to the highest standards of food safety. We are HACCP recognized through the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and are also Kosher certified. In addition to that, we partake in 3rd party audits to ensure further food quality and safety.

Our farm division monitors the planting, fertilizing, pollination, growth, and harvesting of our crops. Our packing facility continues the supply chain by washing, sorting, cleaning, and packing the fruit. By being vertically integrated, our family is able to be involved with each step of the process to provide quality fruit to our customers.

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